Theo Van Doesburg

Neo-Plasticism & De Stijl

The movement in art history, Neo-Plasticism/De Stijl (The Style), was developed by the duo Piet Mondrian and Theo Van Doesburg (1917-1928). Characterized by the strict use of primary colors, in addition to black, white and greys and the addition of horizontal and vertical lines - the movement has influenced art and design culture for decades to come.
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Dennis Zanone's Collection

Memphis Milano: The Dennis Zanone Collection

Unfamiliar pairings of materials, vivid pattern with borrowed and reissued design esthetics Ettore Sottsass set out to redefine what was thought of as "Popular Design" by going against everything that was popular at the time (1981-1988). Dennis Zanone of Memphis, Tennessee shares his love and passion for the now dismantled movement and let's us peer into his home and world-class collection.
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Transistor: Contemporary audiophile

...In fact, this puts us a generation into the “Post-Modern”. How then do we define modern music for an audience obsessed with its past, disappointed with the present and longing for an improved future?
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