Product Design

Dennis Zanone's Collection

Memphis Milano: The Dennis Zanone Collection

Unfamiliar pairings of materials, vivid pattern with borrowed and reissued design esthetics Ettore Sottsass set out to redefine what was thought of as "Popular Design" by going against everything that was popular at the time (1981-1988). Dennis Zanone of Memphis, Tennessee shares his love and passion for the now dismantled movement and let's us peer into his home and world-class collection.
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Bentwood Chair Feature

The Bentwood Chair

Typically, when one thinks of wood, the mind does not wander into the realm of sensual, curvaceous lines – certainly not an element for bending and molding. This is not the case when exploring the world of the bentwood chair. Here we have a brief survey of this chair's history and future - and plenty of photos.
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Invisible glass feature image

Invisible Designers

As Americans have no true lineage in glass, we had to learn first through trial and error. Then we pushed forward by absorbing the techniques and approaches from other countries long-standing glass traditions, such as the Czech Republic, Italy, German, and England.
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The Wire Chair

Sturdy, architectural, near limitless possibilities in design - explore the concept of the wire chair from its mid 20th century mass-production to its future conceptual designs. The chair has captured the imagination of engineering minds throughout time - here we take a brief tour of where this object made entirely out of metal wire gained popularity, their present and their future.
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Adrian Pearsall

Adrian Pearsall Ranch

This story begins in the early 1950’s with a healthy dose of American grit. Like so many millennials today, Pearsall decided to leave a stagnate position in the field of his professional training (architecture) and try his own thing.
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Space Age Electronics

From fashion, product, graphic and interior design to music and technological advances - the world from the mid 50s to the late 70s was fixated on Space Age. Tie in the Psychedelic qualities of the 60s and you easily have a revolutionary departure from the calm pastels and utilitarian designs that accompanied the "white flight" of the growing suburban 50s.
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The original flat screen

The Philco Predicta of the 1950's was a marvel of engineering and so very much ahead of its time. We'll take a quick look at this original commercially available flat panel monitor, its history and its future - a journey from imaginary object of science fiction to a design icon contemporary collectors admire.
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Russel Wright - American Modern

Modern American ceramics

American Modern is often distinguished by the absence of traditional ornament, the use of new technologies and materials, and the adoption of mass-production techniques. Here we showcase two fine examples; Russel Wright's American Modern dishware and refrigerator ware by Hall China Company.
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