Jan Piasek

February 21, 2012 in Visual Art

Jan Piasek is a story teller.

Is his the story of an imagined universe of the future – either our own world or another in which a worst-case scenario is explored or suggested? Is the tale one of sociological or political uprising and the propaganda surrounding such? These questions and more Piasek leaves up to the imagination of viewer and although seemingly otherworldly depictions they may be, recognizable visual clues exist everywhere.

Piasek’s work does give us plenty of graphic cartography to start our journey down the path he has laid before us. It is a language that needs no words. Technically, he has the ability to mix photo-based imagery and vector-based symbols achieving the precision of a fine artist working with oils and acrylics. All of this executed with a depth that draws the eye inward however, one’s eye seems unsettled, never knowing just where to rest.

Perhaps that is the key Piasek’s work – it incorporates a visual language that is as recognizable and borrowed as it is foreign and new, giving us the opportunity to loose ourselves in its message.

Every time I work on a new image I try to create something new. I love pop, futuristic and morbid styles with graphic elements. When I start a personal project (not a commercial work) I mostly don’t know what the final result will be. I just start and the image develops while the work process – I love this working process. I always want to tell a subtle story with my images and sometimes they have a political/social message.

More of Jan Piasek’s work can be seen on his website www.janpiasek.com